Cremation Memorials in Parkersburg, WV and Pennsboro, WV

Providing Custom Designed Cremation Urns, Vases, Monuments and More

Kirby Monuments of Parkersburg, WV and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials of Pennsboro, WV can provide and install custom designed cremation burial memorials, urns, vases and monuments. There are a vast array of memorial options available to families who want to preserve the memory of a loved one for eternity. When you want to discuss cremation memorial options, call our friendly professionals at Kirby Monument at (304) 422-2066 or Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials at (304) 659-3264.

Memorials are Beautifully Made with the Finest Materials

We sell a wide variety of cremation burial memorial options for the cemetery and non-cemetery sites. All of these items are beautifully made using the finest material available and can be adorned with portraits, engravings, epitaph inscriptions and etched scenes and images. They really are a work of art that will skillfully capture your loved one’s style, personality and family importance.

Memorials are Beautifully Made with the Finest Materials

  • Cremation Urns
  • Cremation Headstones and Monuments
  • Columbarium
  • Cremation Floral Vases
  • Cremation Niches
  • Cremation Benches

Cremation Urns are Popular Options to Hold Cremated Remains

Cremation urns are popular options, and they can hold the cremated remains of the deceased and can be placed in the ground, inside an above-ground monument or in a mausoleum or columbarium. In cemeteries that reserve gravesite for the burial or runs, custom designed cremation headstones and monuments mark the plot with cremated remains. They can also be placed in your home, buried on your property or in family columbarium.

Well Crafted Headstones and Monuments Mark the Cremation Plot

Cremation headstones and monuments are beautifully crafted by Kirby Monuments and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials by our expert designers. We work with you to design exactly what you want on the headstones or monuments, which will mark the plot where the cremated remains are located. The headstones and monuments that we design will be a perfect representation of your loved one.