Memorial and Monument Services in West Virginia and Southeast Ohio

Dedicated Craftsmanship, from Our Family to Yours

Kirby Monument Company Offers Various Memorial Options

Kirby Monument Company and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials provide high-quality headstones, public benches, mausoleums, and many other memorials to clients throughout West Virginia and southeast Ohio. Our two locations, Kirby Monument in Parkersburg, and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials in Pennsboro, provide the region with state-of-the-art memorials and monuments to suit a variety of purposes. Call us today at (304) 422-2066, or at (304) 659-3264 to learn more about our many options, or for a consultation.

Finest Selection of Monuments and Memorials in Parkersburg, WV

Our skilled, local craftsmen in Parkersburg, WV, have the dexterity to hand-etch stone as well as the technology to do laser cutting of names and emblems with the finest natural materials. Kirby Monument and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials offer the finest selection of monuments and memorials, at prices you can afford. Here is just an idea of what we can provide:

Civic Memorial

Family/Estate Memorial

Double Upright Memorial

Single Upright Memorial

Ethnic Memorial

Unusual/Unique Tool Application Memorial

Residential/Garden Art Memorial

Contemporary/Mixed Media Memorial

(includes bronze, stainless, glass)

Shape Carved Memorial

Hand Carved Memorial

Flat Marker Memorial

Etched Memorial

Cremation Memorial

Natural Materials Provide Resilient Remembrance

Kirby Monument and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials’ products are built to last. We utilize the best natural materials that you come to expect when it comes to long-lasting tributes to your loved ones and family heritage:


Colored Granite

Domestic Granite

Imported Granite


Our quality materials provide a long-lasting remembrance, whether you seek a plain, simple marker, or a spectacular and elaborate mausoleum; to honor one person’s dedicated service or the love of a favorite pet, or to designate space for an entire family’s legacy, Kirby Monument and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials are your local resource. We are here for you to plan for your personal or group memorial or monument. We also offer re-leveling and cleaning as the stones age or settle into the ground. Contact Kirby Monument or Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials today to learn more about our many memorial options.