Kirby Monument • Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials

Memorial and Monument Services in West Virginia
and Southeast Ohio

Kirby Monument and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials welcomes you to our website, where you can find out more about the memorial and monument services we provide in West Virginia and Ohio. Our two locations, Kirby Monument in Parkersburg, and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials in Pennsboro, provide the region with state-of-the-art memorials and monuments to suit a variety of purposes.

Finest Selection of Monuments and Memorials

Our skilled, local craftsmen have the dexterity to hand-etch stone as well as the technology to do laser cutting of names and emblems with the finest natural materials. Kirby Monument and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials offer the finest selection of monuments and memorials, at prices you can afford. Here is just an idea of what we can provide:

  • Civic Memorial
  • Family/Estate Memorial
  • Double Upright Memorial
  • Single Upright Memorial
  • Ethnic Memorial
  • Unusual/Unique Tool Application Memorial
  • Residential/Garden Art Memorial
  • Contemporary/Mixed Media Memorial (includes bronze, stainless, glass)
  • Shape Carved Memorial
  • Hand Carved Memorial
  • Flat Marker Memorial
  • Etched Memorial
  • Cremation Memorial

Natural Materials Provide Resiliant Remembrance

Kirby Monument and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials’ products are built to last. We utilize the best natural materials that you come to expect when it comes to long-lasting tributes to your loved ones and family heritage:

  • Bronze
  • Colored Granite
  • Domestic Granite
  • Imported Granite
  • Marble

Our quality materials provide a long-lasting remembrance, whether you seek a plain, simple marker to a spectacular and elaborate mausoleum; to honor one person’s dedicated service or the love of a favorite pet, or to designate space for an entire family’s legacy, Kirby Monument and Pennsboro-Ritchie Memorials are your local resource. We are here for you to plan for your personal or group memorial or monument.