Memorials in Parkersburg, WV

in Parkersburg, WV

Honor Your Loved Ones with a Special Memorial

For memorials in Parkersburg, WV, contact Kirby Monument Company. There are several ways to memorialize your loved ones. Our staff can create benches, statues, plaques, garden art, civic, mixed media, and custom memorials. We can also create pet memorials and vases. Remember your loved ones with a special memorial today.

Call Kirby Monument Company at (304) 422-2066 to learn more about our memorials. Customers can also contact us online. We proudly serve Parkersburg, WV, and the surrounding areas.

Remember the Deceased in Parkersburg, WV, with a Beautiful Memorial

When you are looking for a memorial for your loved ones or fallen heroes, call Kirby Monument Company. Whether you plan to honor military members or family members, talk with our staff to see how we can help. We can put inscriptions, or photos of the individual on it, along with their birth date and death date on:  

  • Benches

  • Statues

  • Plaques

  • Garden Art Memorial

  • Civic Memorials

  • Mixed Media Memorials

  • Custom Memorials
  • Pet Memorials

  • Vases

Contact Kirby Monument Company Today for a Consultation

Kirby Monument Company offers consultations for customers in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We can discuss options over the phone or come to your home. Along with public benches, we offer the following monument options:

  • Columbarium

  • Urns

  • Mausoleums

  • Pet Memorials

  • Floral Vases

  • Much More!

Contact Kirby Monument Company for special memorials in Parkersburg, WV.