Cremation Headstones and Urns in Parkersburg, WV

Honor Loved Ones with an Urn from Kirby Monument Company

Kirby Monument Company offers beautiful, custom cremation headstones and urns in Parkersburg, WV. We offer etching and engraving for urns, allowing you to properly honor your loved one. Choose from various colors, styles, and sizes of urns made from high-quality materials. You can trust that Kirby Monument Company will provide you with a long-lasting, durable urn. Most memorials are custom designed in-house.

Call us today at (304) 422-2066 to schedule a consultation. Stop by our Parkersburg, WV, location to see what we have in store. Consultations are available over the phone or in-person.

Cremation Headstones and Memorial Art for Parkersburg, WV

Kirby Monument Company in Parkersburg, WV, offers various headstones and memorials to remember passed loved ones. Our team can both hand- or laser-etch any design into a memorial to showcase a memory, a hobby, or other ideas you may have. We can use colors, images, and work with any style that you choose from. Talk with the staff at Kirby Monument Company about the following memorials:

Cremation Headstones 


Stone Markers

Garden Art


Civic Memorials


Pet Memorials

Children’s Memorials

We are ready to help you find the best cremation memorial to honor your loved one. Visit us in Parkersburg, WV, today to browse the many styles we have to offer. If you have an existing memorial with us, we offer re-leveling and cleaning services to keep it looking great for years to come.

Kirby Monument Company Offers a Columbarium to the Mid-Ohio Valley

A columbarium is a public, secure place to keep cremains. When you are looking for a place to lay a loved one to rest, contact Kirby Monument Company. Located in Parkersburg, WV, we offer a columbarium to residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley. We can create a custom plaque to go along with the niche, as well.

Call on Kirby Monument Company to learn more about purchasing a columbarium niche in Parkersburg, WV.

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