Purchase Custom Headstones and Grave Memorials
in Parkersburg, WV

Understand the Difference Between Headstones and Grave Memorials

Find headstones and grave memorials in Parkersburg WV, at Kirby Monument Company. Most people think these are one in the same. However, there is a difference between the two. Headstones are upright granite monuments used to identify the deceased. Grave Markers are flat, made from granite or bronze mounted on granite, used for the same purpose.

Call Kirby Monument Company today at (304) 422-2066 to schedule a consultation. We also offer pet memorials, children’s memorials, and other stone markers and monuments for you to properly honor loved ones.

Learn the Different Types of Gravestones Available for Parkersburg, WV

While we offer many different, specific types of gravestones for Parkersburg, WV. Here are the three most-general styles of gravestones:

Stone Single 

This granite gravestone is designed for one person. Its granite material will stand the test of time. While these headstones can certainly be simple, they come in many different size and shape options.

Double Upright

Monuments A double monument marks two burial plots next to each other. These headstones are normally for a husband and wife, siblings, or any two people who were connected in life.

Flat Stone Monuments

This gravestone is also known as grass markers. They set flush in the ground and come in any shape and size. Flat stone monuments are mostly seen in rectangular shape due to cemetery regulations.

If choosing a mausoleum is part of the future, talk with the staff at the Kirby Monument Company. We have experience creating many kinds of mausoleums. These buildings come in plenty of choices including indoor, garden, outdoor, and private. We make these buildings with visitor modifications in mind, and proper temperature controls. Give us a call today if you would like to choose a mausoleum to honor your loved one.

Remember Your Pet with a Grave Marker Memorial

Not only do we craft monuments for humans, but Kirby Monument Company also designs and installs pet memorials. Pets are cherished companions and are often viewed as members of the family. You can have a traditional marker, a memorial for your yard, or a laser etched pet marker with a photo. Contact us today to honor your furry friend with a pet grave marker memorial.

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